Pīkake Hoop Earrings - Nui/Large

  • $ 100.00
  • - $ -100.00

Adding a slight variant to our Pīkake Wale Nō Hoop Earrings, our Pīkake Hoop Earrings sport a pīkake blossom pendant at the base of the hoop. Available in Sterling Silver and Vermeil, these hoops are large and meant to go with any outfit.

Pīkake n.1. The Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac), introduced from India, a shrub or climber, with rounded, dark-green leaves and small, white, very fragrant flowers used for leis. Since Princess Ka-ʻiu-lani was fond of both these flowers and her peacocks (pīkake), the same name was given the flowers. (Neal 680.) (as found in wehewehe.org)