At its heart, our Kupukupu Collection tells a story of threes. For Lahaʻole Designs, we put intention behind every product and the process always starts with prayer. Tanya, our founder, waited for three signs to start this collection, as her aunty always told her that they always come in threes. Kupukupu, a native Hawaiian fern, is an endemic species that is one of the first plants to grow in lava fields; it is also planted by hula dancers in tops to kupu (sprout) knowledge and represents new growth and new beginnings. 
The first sign was Kekupu (her eldest son)’s graduation. The second was the kiʻaʻi on Maunakea, who we flew out to support, and being in a place closest to heaven surrounded by kupukupu. The third sign came with the times. Due to the pandemic, the need to be resilient and honoring space to grow is essential. Now more than ever, it will take strength and determination to believe we will persevere and be resilient.With these three signs, the Kupukupu Collection was born.