• Self-Care with Lahaʻole Designs

    Written by Kailanianna Ablog In the wake of 2020, and continuing into 2021, the notion of community and self-care have become vital aspects of maintaining our mental health. With uncertainty around global health and safety, learning when to take a step back and rest is important. Here at Lahaʻole... View Post
  • Sharing our ‘Why’: Gardening with Hawaiian Plants

    Written by Kailanianna Ablog + Photo Cover Courtesy of Rick Barboza from Hui Kū Maoli Ola  Whether a move toward self-sustainability or an act of self-care, gardening is a beloved pastime for many people. Hawaiʻi’s warm and sunny climate makes it an ideal place to grow various plants, especially ... View Post
  • Back-to-School with Lahaʻole Designs

    By Kailanianna Ablog With summer coming to a close and students heading back to school, we at Lahaʻole Designs believe in finding strength from your roots and embracing new chapters. Whether the learners in your life are here in Hawaiʻi or returning to other places, here are our back-to-school pi... View Post