• Shorts - Pōhuehue Light Blue

Shorts - Pōhuehue Light Blue

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Relax and play in our Holoholo Shorts, and experience the world around you like never before! Let the sensation of the walk, ride, or sail fill you with excitement and inspire you to keep moving forward in style. Don't miss out on this adventure - grab your pair of Holoholo Shorts now!

This indigenous pua is commonly known as the Beach Morning Glory and can be found on the sandy beaches of Hawaiʻi. It's considered a symbol of resilience because of its ability to thrive in harsh, coastal conditions. 

The Pōhuehue comes in a variety of colors, but more commonly, we see the lavender or pink hues. And, just like many of our plants, they could be used medicinally! The vines were mashed and used to treat sprained limbs! Next time you're at the beach, keep a look out for this beauty!

  • Pockets
  • Wide elastic waist band
  • Made & Designed in Hawaiʻi
  • 100% Rayon

Photo are still in process, but we didn’t want to gatekeep. These are the same cut and style at the ʻaʻaliʻi!

Customer Reviews

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Leinette Johnson
So cute!

Love them print. And the length. Very flattering! And pockets!
The elastic is a little tighter than I’d like where it sits… but they still fit well and look nice