• Pīkake Wale Nō Hoop Earrings

Pīkake Wale Nō Hoop Earrings

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Our 2020 Pīkake (Jasmine) Wale Nō Hoop Earrings are handmade and hammered to reflect the shine of the Hawaiian sun. Featuring a medium-sized pīkake blossom, these hoops are gorgeous and go well with any skin tone. Match this with any piece for our collections and your favorite outfit for a confident, elegant look!

Pīkake n.1. The Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac), introduced from India, a shrub or climber, with rounded, dark-green leaves and small, white, very fragrant flowers used for leis. Since Princess Ka-ʻiu-lani was fond of both these flowers and her peacocks (pīkake), the same name was given the flowers. (Neal 680.) (as found in