'Ilima Dangles

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Minimal yet elegant, our 'Ilima Dangles are available in 18K Vermeil or Sterling Silver. Featuring the beautiful 'īlima, a native Hawaiian flower, the dangles can match with almost any outfit and compliment other floral-themed accessories. Representing the island of O’ahu, the 'īlima dangles make a great addition to anyone’s jewelry box and a thoughtful gift for those from the Gathering Place and/or are currently living elsewhere.

ʻilima n. Small to large native shrubs (all species of Sida, especially S. fallax), bearing yellow, orange, greenish, or dull-red flowers; some kinds strung for leis. The flowers last only a day and are so delicate that about 500 are needed for one lei. Fruits of maʻo (Abutilon grandifolium), when green and soft, are used with ʻilima leis, one fruit at each end of the lei; or the pale-green, cap-like calyx of the ʻilima flower is used. A mild laxative for babies is made by squeezing out the juice of flowers; this is called kanakamaikaʻi. The ʻilima was designated in 1923 by the Territorial Legislature as the flower of Oʻahu. It is related to the hibiscus. (Neal 552–3.) (As found on wehewehe.org.)