Quilt Pareo - Naupaka

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Quilt Pareo in Naupaka 
  • Measure 60in x 30in
  • 100% Organic cotton.
  • Printed with eco-friendly water based ink.
  • Original art work designed by Hawaiians in Hawai'i.
  • Handmade in India

Made for lovers of Hawaiian flowers and Hawaiian legends, our Naupaka Quilt Pattern is perfect as a gift for quilt makers and offers a wonderful way to spend quality time with loved ones by creating.

Based on the indigenous flower of the same name, our Naupaka Quilt Pattern represents the story of  Princess Naupaka and her lover, Kauʻi, who were separated due to their social standing (royalty and commoner).  Naupaka was forced to live in the mountains and Kauʻi by the ocean, which explains why each naupaka blossom grows in halves - two lovers who are incomplete without each other. Share the beauty and story behind the Naupaka flower by purchasing a pattern (and a few more for your friends, too)!  


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Naupaka pareo