Quilt Turkish Towel Blanket - Naupak

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If you love when things are multi-purpose, this one is for you! Our Turkish Towel Blanket is able to keep you warm when it's chilly, wipe you down after a swim, cover you up at the beach, lay out as a cute picnic mat, and provide the perfect pop of color as home decor - just to list a few. Whether you want to keep it cozy in your home or take it out for adventures outside, this Turkish Towel Blanket is your all-in-one go-to.

Based on the indigenous flower of the same name, our Naupaka Quilt pattern represents the story of Princess Naupaka and her lover, Kauʻi, who were separated due to their social standing (royalty and commoner).  Naupaka was forced to live in the mountains and Kauʻi by the ocean, which explains why each naupaka blossom grows in halves - two lovers who are incomplete without each other. Share the beauty and story behind the Naupaka flower through our Turkish Towel Blanket.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 60 inch x 70 inch
  • Fast-drying
  • Lightweight

Customer Reviews

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Quilt Turkish Towel Blanket

Bought all three colors to give as gifts since I had purchased them before. Very nice quality and something not everyone has!

Roberta Uyemura
Best Towel Ever

Big enough to be a beach blanket!💕

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful blankets and the perfect gifts to bless others!! I had to grab more to have throughout the year to give out as gifts!

Beautiful Quilt Print Turkish Towel Blankets!

I was so excited to receive the quilt print turkish towels /(naupaka print, pikake print, and puakenikeni print). They will be gifted to my ohana residing on the mainland (Continental United States). The quilt prints are gorgeous and I know my family will enjoy using the towel/blanket!

Kristine K
Comfy and stylish

Another winner from Laha'ole! I've been in love with the quilt designs for quite a while, and own a few shirts and shorts in the same design. Not only is this towel soft and comfy, but it's also super stylish too! The color is just subtle enough, and the towel is very absorbent too. I hope she puts out matching facecloths and hand towels too!