Quilt Turkish Towel Blanket - Pīkake

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If you love when things are multi-purpose, this one is for you! Our Turkish Towel Blanket is able to keep you warm when it's chilly, wipe you down after a swim, cover you up at the beach, lay out as a cute picnic mat, and provide the perfect pop of color as home decor - just to list a few. Whether you want to keep it cozy in your home or take it out for adventures outside, this Turkish Towel Blanket is your all-in-one go-to.

Pīkake is a well-loved flower in the Hawaiian Islands, and we seek to capture its beauty in our Pīkake Quilt print. These small, white, very fragrant flowers are one of the most popular flowers used for leis in Hawai‘i. Since Princess Kaʻiulani was fond of both these flowers and her peacocks (pīkake), the same name was given the flowers. Share the beauty and story behind the Pīkake flower through our Turkish Towel Blanket.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 60 inch x 70 inch
  • Fast-drying
  • Lightweight

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Roberta Uyemura
Best Towels ever!

Really good towels! They’re big enough to be a beach blanket too! I love them and plan to get more♥️

Catherine Fukada
Prefect Present with lots of Warmth and Love

Towel Blanket was giving as Present to a Long time Neighbor and Friend to provide some beauty and warmth to their lives. It was the soft and light allowing the receiver a variety of ways to use it.

Robin Eligado

Beautiful design

Michele G
Picnic perfect

Wow! I love these towel blankets! Generous size, vibrant color, gorgeous quilt pattern and so versatile! Great for a picnic or the beach