Quilt Turkish Towel Blanket - Puakenikeni

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If you love when things are multi-purpose, this one is for you! Our Turkish Towel Blanket is able to keep you warm when it's chilly, wipe you down after a swim, cover you up at the beach, lay out as a cute picnic mat, and provide the perfect pop of color as home decor - just to list a few. Whether you want to keep it cozy in your home or take it out for adventures outside, this Turkish Towel Blanket is your all-in-one go-to.

Our Puakenikeni Quilt print showcases one of Hawai‘i's most fragrant flowers. Also known as the “10 Cent Flower" (pua meaning "flower" and kenikeni meaning "ten cents") which was the price they were sold for in the early 1900s when lei makers would string together puakenikeni lei to sell to visitors arriving by boat. Puakenikeni’s hues are warm and inviting, bringing sunshine to your day. Share the beauty and story behind the puakenikeni flower through our Turkish Towel Blanket.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 60 inch x 70 inch
  • Fast-drying
  • Lightweight

Customer Reviews

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Mallory Felipe

Immediately used this at the beach multiple days in a row and it was easy to wash! Didn't know what to expect with turkish towels but I was impressed. I recommend this product and want one in all the colors!

I absolutely love these and they are so multipurpose!

I wasn't too sure about these, but just knew I loved the classic design. However, after purchasing one in each color and using them...I love them! We keep at least one in the car at all times and they are perfect for impromptu swims or picnics. I definitely plan to buy more as gifts.