Honoring and Sharing Hawaiian Culture: Our Mission At Laha'ole

Written by Kailanianna Ablog

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou - Happy New Year! With the start of a new calendar year, we at Laha'ole Designs are excited to start anew with you all. Over the past few months, we’ve welcomed new people into our kaiāulu (community), and wanted to (re)introduce ourselves and the mission behind our brand.

Cooking Apron - Pīkake Lei Poni (Purple)

Laha'ole Designs (meaning rare, choice, unique) is a Hawai'i-based small business on the island of O'ahu and was created by Māmā, Native Hawaiian Owner and Designer Tanya Uyehara. She was born into a family of craftsmen and women, musicians, hula dancers, and artists, and has always been surrounded by natural beauty and the arts. 

When on maternity leave with her fourth child, Tanya was inspired to create Christmas gifts for her nieces, and decided to take a metal soldering class at a local jewelry store. The lesson sparked a flame within her, expanding her horizons by wire wrapping and manipulating metals into dreamt up shapes. 

Liko Lehua Bar Necklace

Drawing inspiration from native Hawaiian flowers as a means to share stories passed down through oral history, Laha'ole Designs creates jewelry and lifestyle pieces made to share native Hawaiian culture with others and cultivate an appreciation and awareness of the beauty of Hawai'i. From our best-selling Pīkake blankets and Hawaiian flora-inspired necklaces with authentic Tahitian pearls, we hope you enjoy our pieces and love them as much as we love making them.


He nani nō laha 'ole!


  • Posted by Melanie on

    Aloha nō 🌺 I am one of Tanya’s original customers who discovered her when she first started showing and selling her jewelry designs at craft fairs! I remember once ordering some jewelry pieces from her and going to her home in Waipio Gentry to pick it up. At the time, Tanya was juggling mommy duties and going to college at the same time in addition to creating and selling! It’s so refreshing to see her still pursuing her passion and finding inspiration in everything Hawaii! I’m truly amazed at how her creativity has expanded to so much more than jewelry making. I haven’t had a chance to purchase any of her wares lately but will take a look. I am truly one that believes in supporting and buying local!

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